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All of your favorite Table Games and Slots Machinesare at Cool Casino!

All of your favorite Table Games and Slots Machinesare at Cool Casino!

#BLACKJACK The most popular of card games in any casino worldwide. The objective is to get as close as you can to 21 with your cards. An Ace counts as 11 and a picture card counts as 10. Have these on your first 2 cards and you get paid over the odds of 3/2. All other bets on Blackjack are even money.

Cool Casino Blackjack

#CRAPS An exciting and fast paced game that allows you to bet on the outcome of the dice “you” roll. It is encouraged for you to shout for your number and in casino’s it is the table with the crowd around it calling for any of the 36 combinations of 2 dice. Each Number has different odds and the dealers can take up to 105 different bets in any 1 go. The most exciting and Vibrant of casino games this game is all about “Action”.

#ROULETTE This is one of the oldest games in all casinos’ dating back to the 17th century. Very simple in its format. You have numbers of 0-36 and a ball is spun around the wheel and you have an opportunity to pick your lucky numbers. Should the ball land in your lucky number we pay you odds determined where your chip is. A chip directly on your number pays 35 to 1. The odds range from that right down to even money 1:1 on a red or black number if you have bet on that. We have American Roulette available which has 2 zero’s.

#LETITIDE This is another popular 5-card poker game that allows you to play with the dealer rather than against them. As you have to make your hand from the 3 cards that you are dealt and the 2 cards that are dealt to the dealer. You place 3 bets at the beginning of the hand and if you feel you have good cards a pair of tens or better you “let your $ ride” If your cards are not that good you may pull back your $ as the dealers cards are revealed leaving only 1 bet should you so desire.

#CARIBBEANSTUDPOKER A popular table game is 5-card poker where you play “your” five cards against the dealers 5 cards. The dealer has to have an Ace, King or better to qualify and the different hands pay different odds. There is a $1.00 side bet that pays out a progressive jackpot if you get the Royal Flush.

#3CARDPOKER As the game says this is the most popular table poker game in any casino with the hands being determined on just 3 cards rather than 5. A spin off of the old English card game “Brag” This game lets you play against the house and has pre determined hands that win regardless of the dealer’s cards. You automatically get paid if you get a pair or better with odds of up to 40 to 1 if you get a Straight Flush.

This is the brand New Table game to hit Casino’s for many years. An exciting variation of the popular Texas Hold’em that has spread worldwide in popularity. In this game you are dealt 2 cards along with the dealer. There are then 5 “hole cards ” dealt and these are turned as the “Flop” 3 cards are exposed and a chance to bet then the final 2 cards are exposed “the River” and the object is to have a better hand than the dealer. Any of your cards and the 5 cards exposed offers you a chance of having the best 5-card hand in the deck. You can choose any of the cards to make up your hand. The odds are then paid as to what hand you have.